Are you a Problem Solver?
Professional Organizers are mostly hired to solve problems that our clients find difficult to solve alone. We often bring an outside perspective to projects. We work with deadlines, and work closely with the home owners working towards implementing a new living space. If you are interested in helping become a professional organizer, think about your abilities and skills.
Do you love working with people?
Most Professional Organizers are exceptionally organized people, but additionally we love what we do. Professional Organizers are needed when people need help. We must listen carefully to our clients and concerns and be truly invested and motivated in helping the owners solve problems. Part of our job, is to ensure our efforts have actually improved people’s lives.
Are you a self-starter and entrepreneurial?
Most Professional Organizers work independently, building their business through networking and client referrals. Organizing Toronto is building a network of Professional Organizers that work together, and independently. We are seeking experienced and those just starting out.

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Are you a Professional Organizer?