Leslie Jordan

Meet Leslie, Relocation Specialist

Leslie is a Professional Move Organizing and Positive Change Facilitator. Her mission is to ease the stress and uncertainty of a variety of life and lifestyle changes, while assisting clients to move forward in positive ways.

Although it’s always come naturally, Leslie started organizing professionally quite by accident after helping a newly-widowed pregnant friend with a young child find a new house; shop for furniture & accessories, pack, move, paint and unpack. That friend saw the value in her skills and suggested she partner with Andrew at OrganizingToronto!

As a wholehearted Coordinator & Facilitator, she is passionate about organizing and helping people. By doing her best to meet each individual where they are emotionally and mentally before the physical work begins, she seeks to establish a level of comfort with change that makes purging, packing and/or implementing new systems easier to embrace.

Acutely aware that while most clients have similar end goals she realizes they can also be at completely different levels of readiness to tackle their projects. In addition to her organizing skills, Leslie’s clients can always count on her patience, compassion and good humour to guide them through the process.

Leslie believes that the biggest hurdle in getting organized, or even getting started packing for a move, is one’s ability to face the truth of the situation and to make decisions based on that truth. Leslie’s challenge to her clients …

  • Know yourself and be honest about what will work best for you
  • Start where you are, with what you have
  • Keep expectations realistic, achievable
  • Be open to the good that can come from change

If you need help moving, adjusting to a lifestyle change or getting otherwise organized, contact Andrew at OrganizingToronto and request Leslie’s assistance.

Leslie Jordan is a Certified Professional Organizer, Licensed Realtor & Past Program Coordinator – Professional Organizers in Canada, Toronto Chapter and Certified Stager.

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