Trudi Brooks

Meet Trudi, ADHD Specialist

Trudi spent many years in the legal, consulting and property management businesses and realized that she enjoyed the personal aspect of helping and working with her clients. While raising a family and balancing her career Ms. Brooks unfortunately had to deal with the downfall of her parent’s health and the responsibility of caring for elder parents and a young family. As a result of these personal experiences she developed knowledge, resources and skills to assist others in her community who are struggling with similar family transitions. In the fall of 2008, Customized Transitions opened its doors to help others with the daunting task of dealing with the lifetime of treasures and belongings that accumulate over the years.

Areas of Work
Customized Transitions operates in the regions of York, Durham, Georgina, Simcoe and Barrie downsizing and rightsizing family homes and possessions. Customized Transitions will accommodate its hours to meet the needs and time constraints of working families, caregivers and seniors.

Specialties: ADHD adults & seniors, downsizing, organization skills, mediation

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