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Meet Andrew Neary, Owner & Professional Organizer

Andrew is a Professional Organizer based in Toronto specializing in residential spaces.   He has invested in the industry for over 15years and is an active member of the Professional Organizers National Association focusing of professional development.

Before becoming a professional organizer, Andrew worked within nursing and community care focusing on health promotion, accident scene management, positive living and palliative care. During this time, he developed a holistic approach to working with people of all ages, backgrounds and with a diversity of needs.

Drawing from his nursing and medical experience, Andrew has developed a team of caring and compassionate professionals each with a specialized background to best meet the needs of his clients. Andrew’s key skill is his ability to intuitively understand exactly a client needs to determine the best fit for a client and team member relationship.

As owner of OrganizingToronto, Andrew and his team provide customized services to both individuals and organizations in the areas of: decluttering, organizing and streamlining homes and offices, as well as basements, garages and storage lockers. OrganizingToronto also provides downsizing, estate clearing, home and closet design aswell as home staging services.

Getting your space in order can enhance your comfort, put you back in control of your environment, and relieve your clutter related stress and frustration. It can even save you time and money. Andrew’s primary goal for every project is to identify specific client’s needs and provide real solutions on their investment in the form of practical and functional results that last.

Andrew resides in downtown core in Toronto and believes in working closely with community organizations to help others in need.

Having been diagnosed with traumatic / catastrophic brain injuries and extreme chronic pain stemming from a hit and run vehicle incident that left me for dead a few years ago along a road in Scarborough and not been able to access proper care with large part of this due to institutional actions by my insurance company.
I’ve decided to take some time to focus on healing and won’t be taking on any new clients until I see proper improvement
Thank you for understanding and look forward to hopefully hearing from you in the future should you still require my assistance
Andrew Neary

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