The Initial Consult

This is the walk-about in your home to take a look at each of the areas where you would like some help and discuss areas of concern and begin to understand how you would like the space to be used.

The Session

Returning to your home to sort, purge, label — whatever it takes to get you organized and you’ll be involved every step of the way. Once we determine how much stuff you have, we suggest new ways to store your belongings and facilitate the transition from chaos to calm.

Consulting & Design Services

This option will appeal to those who’d rather do the work themselves, but could benefit from some advice. We perform an assessment, then provide tips on how to get started, what to keep in mind when you’re putting the space back together, and recommend products to help facilitate the transition from chaos to calm.


If time just isn’t on your side, we will pick up any items needed to move forward with the organizing project. There is no mark-up on the products purchased; retail amounts to be reimbursed will be included on your next invoice. An hourly fee is charged for the time spent shopping.

Debris Removal

Once you sort through all your stuff, you’ll likely discover you’ve got more than you need. We remove small quantities of your belongings for an additional fee. For bigger jobs, a third party can be hired.

Relocation Services

It can’t be denied: when people pack for a move, they purge unwanted items. Whether you’re moving to a smaller place, or realize you just don’t need all the things you have, we can help. We assist with pre-move sorting and de-cluttering, saving you the cost of moving things you no longer need and preparing your home to show at its best.