Garage StorageDoes your garage door always open to a sorry picture? One that depicts an eternal mess to onlookers? A neat and nicely organized garage definitely serves the purpose well, saves time, and presents a picture of an organized household. If you wish to fall under that category too, here is a guide to help you with the task of transforming your messy garage into an ordered room.

Before setting on the mission, take into consideration factors such as the weather, so that you do not face any problems while at the task. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear so that it is safe and also easy for you to move around.

Assembling and organizing

Begin by assessing and analyzing the garage area and the purpose it should be serving. If you are solely using the garage for parking your car, then do not store unnecessary items in it since they’ll occupy space making it difficult for the parking. There is also a high possibility of you bumping your vehicle into it. Only if there is sufficient space left after parking the car, you could keep a shelf adjoining the wall to hold the necessary items. Make sure the shelf is at a safe distance from where your vehicle is parked.

Many people use their garage to store seasonal items, gardening, or sport equipment. If this is in addition to the vehicle parking, care must be taken to neatly segregate the different zones. Make sufficient room for each of these and let them be separated by a significant boundary. After having done this, begin by conquering each zone at a time.

Cleaning the space

Rearranging things within the garage surely sounds like an easy and convenient thing to do, but the dirt and dust should not be ignored. Empty the garage first and sweep or wash the entire area clean. The washable garage items can also be cleaned and left to dry, while you are cleaning the garage area. You could even paint the walls if desired. This might prolong your project, but after finishing, would lend a spic and span look.


Make a set of the items that you think should be the easiest to access. You can have it based on their categories, the purpose they serve, or arrange them depending on how frequently you would be using them. If something that has not been used for a long time is finding its way back into the garage, judge if you really need it, and if not donate or discard it.

In this step, you could consider investing in a grid panel to accommodate the smaller items. These are easy to install and can even be mounted on the walls. They even come with multi-purpose baskets, shelves, and hooks.

After having put everything in place, make it a practice to maintain this arrangement until your next garage cleaning schedule. This way, you will have a neat looking garage. Also, looking for things when you need them the most, from your garage, will never seem like a daunting task.