Closet Organizing Ideas for Small Spaces

Being organized is not everybody’s strong-suit. Some find it more difficult than others to constantly clean and organize their closet. It becomes all the more difficult when you have a small house and limited closet space. Many a times this […]

Reorganize Your Closet on a Budget

Closets can get overloaded many times, and no matter how many times you clean the closet and fold your clothes, you will find it full in a few days. Organizing closets does not take much time or money and only […]

Affordable Solutions to Organize Your Closet

When building homes, especially older homes in Toronto, contractors do not pay enough attention to the type of closet they install. Most closets contain just a rod to hang clothes and one shelf. Sadly, this rod-in-a-box doesn’t give you enough […]

Closet Organizing Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom or closet can be very difficult to organize. Not only does a child seem to own the most number of possessions, but also they tend to scatter them around the house very quickly. An easy way to […]