Custom ClosetWhen building homes, especially older homes in Toronto, contractors do not pay enough attention to the type of closet they install. Most closets contain just a rod to hang clothes and one shelf. Sadly, this rod-in-a-box doesn’t give you enough actual space.

Another problem with conventional closets is that they make it very difficult for you to conveniently access the things you need. Most of the time, shoes are just piled up at the bottom of the closet making it difficult to sort them out. That is why you should consider investing in closet organizers, which are quite inexpensive and easily available in stores, or through trusted installers.

Freestanding or wall- hung closet organizers

There are many closet organizers, which can suit whatever type and size of closet you may have. You can select from organizers that serve different purposes, vary in size, and you can also choose from the many different materials they are made of. Freestanding systems can be placed on the floor, whereas most wall-hung organizers need to be hung from rods or fixed to the wall. There are even some organizers that combine the features of both these systems.

Wire and melamine closet organizers

Wire systems are the most affordable option. They are not only quite inexpensive, but also very easy to install if you are considering DIY. You can find freestanding systems or wall hung wire closet organizers in retail outlets or home centers. For good circulation of air and better visibility, consider installing open shelves and drawer systems within your closet. You can make use of shelf liners so that small items do not fall through the shelves of the closet organizer.

Melamine closets provide an affordable and easily cleanable option. But, you need to be aware of the difference in the types of melamine closet organizers available. Closet specialists would generally prefer choosing melamine that is thermally fused on a 3/4th inch particleboard. Less durable, cold pressed melamine over 5/8th inch particleboards are also available in home centers.

Wooden closet organizers

Closet organizers made out of solid wood are an ideal choice for walk-in closets. At the same time, they are also more expensive. Because they remain in closets in closed and dark spaces, many individuals prefer not spending too much money on these. You must remember however, that wooden organizers are quite sturdy and can carry reasonable amount of weight, if you need it. For those who want a wood-like appearance but do not wish to spend much, melamine closets organizers made of grained wood can be a good option.

So, the next time you think of buying a new closet because you lack space, first consider maximizing the potential of your existing closet. You can buy these affordable solutions from your local retail store or even find lots of variety through online stores. For more detailed closets, which may be difficult to set up using DIY methods, you even have the option of calling in a professional closet installer, consultant, or a local carpenter.