An extremely organized garageIs your garage looking more like a dump-site than a place that is supposed to house all your necessary stuff? If so, do not let this continue. For one thing, a clean garage will keep your things organized and well-maintained so you need not hunt something down when you need it the most. Another advantage of a clean garage is that it simply leaves a good impression on whoever pays a visit to it.

The whole task of cleaning a messy garage could seem daunting at first. But, this should not turn you away. Instead take it as a challenge and set things right as early as possible. Here are a few solutions you could adopt to transform that dreaded place into a neater one.

Clear the clutter

Clearing the clutter should undoubtedly be your first task. As you start, haul everything you come across, towards the driveway. You could follow a method of grouping things as you go along. Discard the ones you haven’t used for long without any second thoughts. If the same is in a usable condition, you could donate it or recycle it. Broken automobile parts, old toys, and dried up paint boxes should invariably be gotten rid off.

You could quickly brush up the dust and run a mop over the area. If this is not sufficient, do not hesitate to spend sometime in effectively cleaning the area with detergent or cleansing agents. If the paint has worn off, you could even consider repainting the walls. It will surely contribute in lending a spic and span look to your garage.

Once you have cleaned the entire area, judge the space that will be needed for you to park your car comfortably. Start by arranging the things in the leftover area. If the space is too small, use the wall and ceiling to accommodate the necessary things. You could invest in some grid panels that come with shelves and hooks, or a pegboard to hold the smaller items that you will be using frequently. The ones you use occasionally can be put away in a corner. Use an effective covering to wrap the items that you will use occasionally. An overhead storage rack would be a great option to hold the heavy items. This will save on a lot of space. Once you have accomplished the job of getting rid of the clutter, and made space for new things, you will be incredibly satisfied for having won half the battle.

Organizing techniques

Organize things in your garage in a way such that it is easy to get hold of them when you require it, and putting them back in the same place is easy too. Group your items based on their frequency of usage or seasonal needs. This will ease identification and usage.

If you have a large garage and an equally large number of things to store, it is a wise idea to label the shelves accordingly. This is a one-time task and will prove to be helpful when you will have to search for some item that has the possibility of being hidden anywhere, and you have no time or patience to search for it.

Concluding it, you know the best about your garage and the purpose it has to serve. So try and keep the place tidy and follow a simple arrangement so that the garage is more of a help to you rather than a mere dumping zone.