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Thank you Andrew for the referral on the custom closets – they look amazing! I’m also anxious to get started on other organizing projects with you for our laundry area, some shelving and some other things. It was a great experience, highly recommend your services and referrals to your entire team.
Joanne Lysy
Andrew is able to identify your organizational needs regarding improving the efficiency and look of your spaces. He is able to bring his own high fun – loving energy to the problem
Lisa Doupe
Andrew is an extraordinary person. He came into my home and within 5 minutes had the ability to put me completely at ease. As a 60’s lady, my apartment had become crowded with items I didn’t know where to put and didn’t even know whether to keep. Within 2 days he had totally reorganized my kitchen, walk in closet and living room. He took me to IKEA and suggested a fantastic pantry which he then proceeded to put together for me, sorted out the cupboards and left me with a wonderful new space which has made my life so much easier. He brought shelving to make additional storage for me in my living room and my walk in closet – well, within a couple of hours he had sorted a mess which had needed doing for years. He took bags and bags of items to a woman’s shelter and took lots of stuff to the garbage for me. He has a wonderful demeanour, is totally non-judgemental and overall a truly caring person. I would recommend him to anyone who needs their life and home overhauled, all at an extremely reasonable cost. Thanks a million Andrew!
Valerie Hamilton
Andrew totally exceeded our expectations. He rearranged his schedule to fit us in and by zoning the space properly he transformed our unfinished basement into a usable organized environment. Highly recommend his company!
C Weber, Oakville
The basement looks amazing and my girls love it! They finally have a place to play – they deserve their own space. I can’t thank Andrew & Trudi enough. Ths truly has changed my life moving forward. Your organization is absolutely amazing 🙂
Farzana A, Toronto
Andrew works quickly and efficiently. He has an eye for detail and can tell you immediately, without moving a thing, if an object or box will fit into a given space, which makes him the ideal choice for packing and relocation. Andrew has a friendly Maritime nature, and he goes to the limit to provide the best service possible! I highly recommend him!”
Anne Vautour, Toronto
Andrew helped me get the basement and tool shed of my country home organized after I undertook a major renovation. He saved me a lot of time and worry by taking on a task I just couldn’t make time for. Andrew very efficiently figured out what to keep, what to get rid of, and how to arrange everything in logical order. I would recommend him highly.
Shawn Murphy, Ottawa Ontario, Fuse Communications
We kept wanting to clean up our garage and never got around to it. So we decided to hire Andrew to go through our stuff, clear out what we weren’t using and then to re-organize the entire space to make it clean and functional. Andrew did a terrific job! He is very conscientious, detail-oriented and focused. He quickly understood our need and went to work, on time and on budget. We have no hesitation in recommending Andrew’ Professional Organizer Business to anyone who needs to have a room/space looked at with a new pair of eyes and then re-tooled to work most efficiently.
Daniel Larocque, Toronto, Ontario
Thanks to Andrew and his practical advice and a natural ability to sort and reorganize, I now have recovered much needed storage area. He is efficient, hardworking and works tirelessly until the job is done to the customers satisfaction. I would recommend Andrew to anyone needing this type of service and will be calling him to assist me with further projects to improve the quality of my living space.
Charles Sweetman, Toronto, Ontario
When my family needed to quickly carry out the Estate clearing of someone close who passed away, we turned to Andrew for help. On very short notice, he was able to step in and take over the organizing, packing and removal of the contents of our friend?s home and the disposal of all debris. His cheerful, friendly and compassionate nature helped reduce our stress and anxiety and he freed up our time so that we could focus on other work that needed our attention. We were very happy with his efficient and knowledgeable service; he works quickly, has an excellent eye for detail and looks for solutions to your needs as though they were his own. We would gladly recommend his [Professional Organizer Business].
Edith Recht, Toronto, Ontario,
We have a small city garage that we use for storage. It had some old shelves and nails to hang things from, but that wasn’t enough to handle all the stuff. We needed it organized. I went online to see who I could get to help. Many of the home garage organizer sites showed glossy designer garages – drywall, slatwall, painted floors – much more than we needed. Andrew’s site seemed to offer more balanced services, so I gave him a call. Andrew came over for a look, and very reasonably talked me out of a wall system in favour of some basics – new, sturdy shelves and some well organized hooks and accessories. He was here and gone in 7 hours – emptied the garage, changed the storage layout, built strong shelves, organized, and added some creative space-saving ideas. Now opening the garage door makes me happy instead of frustrated, and I find everything easily instead of moving something to get to something else. I love it. Andrew was the right balance of take-charge and consultative, and I would recommend him to bring sanity to your space!
J. Roth, Toronto, Ontario
In three evenings and an afternoon trip to the dump, Andrew helped us rescue our basement from chaos. Andrew was able to give us lots of practical help with organizing our seasonal and project-related items and useful strategies for more frequently-used items. He also rolled up his sleeves and helped us break down and haul away a lot of junk and some old shelving units that were not working well in the space. Everyone says he is hard-working, and this is absolutely true. And his energetic drive and optimism are really contagious! A real gentle spirit and wonderful person to work with (especially for anyone feeling overwhelmed). Highly recommend.
Jennifer, Toronto, Ontario
Andrew, just a short note, to thank you for your informative and interesting presentation to the Small Space Class at George Brown College. It is evident that you are not only a professional in the field of “organizing” but also passionate about truly helping others. Thanks again.
Rachel Finer
My closet is now just an absolute joy to behold. Andrew came over and did the free consultation with me and immediately put me at ease. I knew that working with him would be enjoyable. He put in extra shelving, and double hangers, helped me purge, toss and organized my closet into a space that is functional and neat. He even came back on another day and helped me with the drawers in my dresser which were full to overflowing. Even my husband who thought I was beyond help is pleased! I would recommend Andrew for ANY organizing jobs.
Amanda, Scarborough, Ontario, 🙂
I have worked with Andrew on arranging my garage which serves as a storage space for the items collected over the years. There was another challenge too, to try and fit in the garage other items that were stored in the basement kitchen. Andrew’s approach to sizing the quantity of items and figuring out how to utilize the space in order to better organize the items was great. We worked together for two days, when the biggest impact on the re-arranging was done. Andrew was motivating and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Andrew if you want to organize your space and make that crucial decision to ask for help when it feels overwhelming.
Senka Radic, Toronto, Ontario
No one has mentioned household moving yet. I’ve done two complete moves with Andrew and, trust me, it?s no longer the most stressful undertaking one can do. Not long ago I had the opportunity to be on hand while one of the most highly touted and expensive Toronto mover?s moved a close friend of mine. Andrew?s abilities, which include caring crew members, top equipment plus reasonable prices and efficient timing beat the competition without question. Most importantly, there was no damage at all and both his final bills were substantially below his original estimate.
Frederick Manter, Toronto. Ontario
Andrew has helped me with several moves and household projects. He is wonderful at what he does, and provides a quick, friendly, professional service. He takes great care of my possesions. I would recommend him with no reservation. Thanks Andrew!
Maggie Dunlop, Toronto, Ontario
Andrew has assisted me on several occasions in some of my home staging projects. He his multi-talented and always eager to help in any way he can, no matter how big, small or unpleasant the task. Whether it’s using his carpentry skills to design and build shelving, or assembling and moving furniture, or even hanging curtains, he does it all with a great deal of enthusiasm. Andrew is thoughtful, creative, personable and a pleasure to deal with.
Maria Molek, Toronto, Ontario,
We did some construction in our garage and needed help with organizing it! We had several people give us a consultation but no one was as honest and helpful as Andrew. We are so pleased with the work that Andrew did in renovating our garage. The professionalism and service provided by him and his team was exemplary and the materials and workmanship was amazing. I will not hesitate to recommend the services of to any of our neighbours and friends interested in a similar renovation. It was such a pleasure working with him, he was such a breath of fresh air!
Roula Poon Tip, Toronto, Ontario
Andrew took on a huge job with a short time limit and accomplished a miracle. The house had ceased being a home years ago and instead became a warehouse of mostly unused items. He approached this clutter with optimism, cheer, and determination. Enlisting the help of a couple of willing family members, the impossible was accomplished. Andrew knew exactly how to handle the physical challenge as well as the psychological one of gently persuading us to purge a massive amount of stuff, while deftly organizing what we needed to keep. While we achieved an amazing amount of work, there is still some to be done. We’ll soon be asking Andrew to return to get the rest of the rooms into the same awesome condition as the ones we had time for. His reasonable rates, expertise, and cheerful manner make him a total pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Andrew, and see you soon.
Andrea G, Markham, Ontario
[Andrew helped me to organize my garage. He took charge of everything and … made it a wonderful experience. Being in Real Estate, I have met a number of home garage organizers and many have offered consulting, made out plans, done a few things. Andrew on the other hand made things happen. We did everything in a couple of hours and gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment. I would not hestitate to recommend Andrew to all that could benefit from his home garage organizer services.
Anna D'Agostino, Sales Resprestative, HomeLife Response Realty Brokerage Ltd.
Thank you for the extraordinary work you did for a client preparing for the sale of her home. While I always value staging and design work it was amazing to have you help with a very difficult move. With kindness, patience and understanding you helped sort through her very cluttered home – yet you were able to move her forward each day to meet a tight timeline for clearing the house out. The client felt respected and supported during this tough job, which speaks to skill and professionalism by OrganizingToronto. We can’t thank you enough.
Chris Dunlop, Real Estate Broker
I always thought I was an organized person. I’ve lived in my condo for 10 years and Andrew came and was able to shed a new light on my space. The space is more functional and now I have much more room. Andrew was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.
Tom, Toronto
Andrew helped me re-organize my very cluttered living room area. He found a great wall unit and helped me out with the assembly. You would have a difficult time finding anyone more honest and hard working than Andrew.
Brian Bailey, Toronto
Andrew listened attentively to my needs and was optimistic, positive and eager to help me with my professional organizational needs. Andrew has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He has gone so far as to check in with me to see how the organized areas were working out for me, as well as dropping by with useful pieces that ‘worked’ to help organize my space. Andrew has helped to keep me focused on organizing as an ongoing way of approaching my business space. He was able to help me to put my organizational vision into a reality. He has exceptional skills and understood the urgency I felt regarding organizing the space. The organizing was done quickly and in a way that was functional for my life. The work that Andrew has done for me was worth every penny of his reasonable rate. He has helped me to feel positive about my own organizing capabilities, and has helped me to feel passionate and comfortable in my space. I would absolutely recommend his professional organizer business for anyone who is interested in working with someone who is efficient, respectful, time and cost effective. Andrew, you are a delight and I cannot thank you enough!
Dani Cholakis, Toronto, Canada
I wanted to extend a special thank you to you and your team. Professional, on time and on budget. Not to mention an extraodinarily friendly and helpful attitude. You and your team pulled the locker and storage areas apart, reorganized everything so it actually makes sense now, and then organized the move, the disposal, even donations. Really, exceptional service. [You completely] exceded my own high expectations.
Frank P Casula, Toronto, Ontario, Circumpunct Inc.
I use Andrew’s organizing services to compliment my closet design and installation business. Andrew assists my clients in organizing their closets once my work is complete. Andrew is dependable, professional and personable and I highly recommend his services.
Dave Evans, Burlington, Ontario
I had the pleasure of working with Andrew. Taking into account my requirements and desires, he was able to facilitate the reorganization of my clothes closet and storage area. He also designed shelving for my kitchen. The design was not only functional but attractive. He was able to incorporate my needs into the final plans with great efficiency.
Teraze McDougall, Toronto, Ontario
My basement and garage were in chaos. Not only did Andrew sort and recycle all the contents so it was enviromentally friendly – he set it up so that I could keep it that way. My garage was racoon proofed and organized and my children gained a fabulous playroom. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him!
Ruth Walls, Toronto, Ontario,
Like many Condos being built these days, mine has very little storage space. I moved in with boxes of books, CDs, DVDs, computer accessories, and many other miscellaneous items. These items stayed in boxes in my den for a full year because I simply did not know what to do with them until Andrew provided me with the solutions that I needed. He first helped me declutter. Then he helped me to chose storage products that are best for my space. I went from feeling like I had no storage space to having excess space. I cannot recommend Andrew’s Professional Organizer Business highly enough.
Kevin, Toronto, Ontario
Andrew is an absolute professional who knows what he’s doing!! Overwhelmed with basement clutter I didn’t know where to start. With Andrew’s guidance, patience and expertise my basement is liveable again. I will recommend OrganizingToronto to anyone who needs to de-clutter, organize and regain control over their living space.
Mary Visco, Richmond Hill, Ontario
In one productive morning we had two piles ready for exit, one pile for donations and the second for the trash. A second and final morning saw the loads removed promptly and efficiently. The whole purge went smoothly and we now have full control of our basement again.
Jackie Psarianos, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Andrew’s pleasant, affable and organized approach made the whole process very easy. We would highly recommend OrganizingToronto to our friends and family. Thank you