Kids bedroomA child’s bedroom or closet can be very difficult to organize. Not only does a child seem to own the most number of possessions, but also they tend to scatter them around the house very quickly. An easy way to try to keep things organized is by taking the playschool approach – assigning everything a proper place and training your child to keep the things in their place after use. But, this may not always seem to work, because the child may forget to do so or find it difficult to reach those places. Here are a few ideas that you will definitely find useful while trying to organize your child’s closet and bedroom.

Storage carts

Plastic storage carts are very useful and versatile. You can use them to store almost anything. You can put extra clothes in them, which won’t fit into the drawers of your child’s dresser; you can also put off-season clothing items like winter clothes or swimwear in these. These carts can also be used to hold toys or shoes if you don’t have any place else to put them. The key to keeping these organized is having all the things sorted so that you don’t have to rummage for anything. These carts come with wheels, so you can move them anywhere, and even put them inside the closet if space permits.

Closet rod

Extra closet rods can be used to increase the storage space of your child’s closet. They are easy to set up, since you only have to hook these to the existing rod. Installing these not only adds to the storage of the closet, but it also helps your child to reach items more easily, since they are now on a lower level. It is best to put the jackets, play clothes, and sweaters of your child on the lower rod. This will also encourage your child to retrieve her/his own clothes and become independent. Costlier and longer clothes, like party dresses, can go on the rod above.


Another versatile option for organizing a child’s room is to put the possessions into a bin or a basket. These can also hold any type of content, from books to toys, art supplies to clothes. These can also be placed almost anywhere in the room – on the ground amid furniture, on top of shelves, or at the foot of the bed. If your child’s room is quite large, you might also consider basket systems, which are bigger, but are also more useful. Whatever be your choice, make sure that the things are accessible to your child, and is easy for her/him to put away the things in these baskets after use.


Smaller containers preferably made of plastic or cardboard, can also be used effectively to organize your child’s bedroom. These containers can hold smaller things like stationery, extra paper, or even jewelry, and keep them sorted. It is better to put smaller things into such boxes or containers, and then store them in the closet. This reduces the chance of items getting lost. You can also create some sort of labels to put on them so that your child knows where to look while searching for something, and also where to put it back. Keeping things sorted will help solve most of your storage problems.