Custom ClosetClosets can get overloaded many times, and no matter how many times you clean the closet and fold your clothes, you will find it full in a few days. Organizing closets does not take much time or money and only requires a bit of fresh perspective. You can completely change the way your closet holds things for you with a little bit of creativity, and a few tools at hand. These ideas are perfect if you are on a low budget but on a rush to organize your closet.

Sort and purge

This is the first thing to do while you are on a mission to organize your closet. Get rid of all the clothes and accessories that you no longer use. Sort the items in four hampers labeled keep, donate, sell, and trash. Whatever you need, love, and use, throw it into the keep pile; anything that is old, in good condition, but not used, toss it into the donate hamper; anything that looks vintage, no longer in use, and can be sold can go into the sell pile; and all that is worn, torn, and smelly can join the trash pile.

Store them all creatively

You can use any storage container like old boxes, baskets, hampers, bins, and other such tools to store your clothes according to season, color, or frequency of use. Label each container according to its contents, and decorate it with attractive papers, embellishments, or paints. If you hardly use the clothes in the containers or need them for the winter, you can store them at the top of the closet. The other containers can be placed at the bottom forming a shelf, or a bench for items like shoes to be stored.

Transform the closet rod

The closet rod can get too overcrowded or heavy when you hang all your clothes. You can hang fabric-made collapsing shelves from these rods to increase the storage space for your clothes. Use the closet rod and these shelves to store all your frequently used clothes.

Hook and hang

You can install pegs and hooks on the closet doors, sides, and walls, to hang accessories like belts, scarves, ties, bags, or even jewelry. If you have a mirror on your closet, there will be little space between the mirror and the closet door. You can install little hooks on both sides of this space and hinge the mirror to the closet door. This way the mirror can serve as an opening to a storage space for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, hairpins, and other accessories that are not bulky and fit into this small space.

Order in organization

Always arrange items according to purpose and do not clutter up the closet space. Make sure there is plenty of space if you make new additions to your existing collection of clothes and accessories. You can install smart space saving drawers and shelves made out of cardboard boxes and decorate your entire closet to impart an attractive appeal.

And, of course, for any organizing help you might need, including custom closets and closet systems, contact me.