Self_storage_unitsRenting a storage locker can be quite useful if you don’t have enough storage space at home. A rented locker can also help if you are shifting to a new location. You can lock away your items with the storage company and stop worrying about them. Renting a locker is not much different than renting a residence, though in the latter you have to interact much less with the storage company than with a landlord. But finding a perfect storage locker that will give you enough value for your money and peace of mind might be a little difficult. Here are a few tips on how to determine the right storage locker.


We all know that it is easier to get caught with a facility that is convenient to reach. But just because the storage facility is closer to your house doesn’t mean that it is the best. Each storage facility is different from the next, even if they are from the same storage company. Choose a storage facility that can give you more security and storage space. If you live in a busy area, getting a storage locker with larger room would mean that you have to go a little farther out, but don’t let that deter you. After all, storing your items in a nearby place is not worth it if you don’t get the peace of mind that you need.


Always look up a storage facility on the internet before you decide on it. There can be lots of bogus reviews on the internet, but most of them will be genuine. Look at what other customers have said about the facility. If all the reviews speak ill of the facility or if there is something similar that is reported in most of the reviews then you’d better not choose such a facility. The reviews can also give you an idea about what to expect from the storage facilities so that you can check them out for real when you visit it.


Most companies offer a move-in discount or no rent for the first month, which makes it easy for you to shift from one storage company to another. However, this can also be a trap for you, since some companies do this only to increase their rates too high a few months later. You should ask the company for a guarantee about the time till when the rent is going to remain the same, and get it in writing, if possible. Accept an offer and decide on a company only when you are fully satisfied, and not just because of a lucrative first time discount.

Payment Provisions

Payment provisions are probably one of the most important factors that you should consider while comparing storage lockers. Many storage companies consider the payment to be late if it is delayed beyond the first day of the month. Find out what the company will do if you are late in paying the rent or miss out on one. Will they give some kind of grace period with late penalties for each day, or is there a possibility that your belongings will be auctioned? Finding out everything about payment provisions before selecting a storage facility is something whose importance cannot be stressed enough. Do it meticulously, else you may lose your belongings.