Organized closetBeing organized is not everybody’s strong-suit. Some find it more difficult than others to constantly clean and organize their closet. It becomes all the more difficult when you have a small house and limited closet space. Many a times this brings one face-to-face with embarrassing situations in front of friends or family. So, what can be done to manage the clutter in the space available? Here are certain tips to help you have that neat and perfect closet which draws everyone’s attention.

Organizing you cluttered closet might be the most demanding job in your whole home renovation project. The first step is to determine what to keep and what to discard. On successful completion of this daunting task, you can follow the following tips to make room in your closet and make it more manageable.

Managing the center space

For a woman, the major issues with the closet space are lack of accessibility and clarity about what pieces go together and what don’t. There should be a balance between items hung or folded and things that go in drawers. Depending on how you pull together an outfit, lowers first or tops first, the arrangement in your closet should be determined. Whichever item you pick first should occupy the center and front space, so that it is clearly visible in the closet. Neatly stack the others below the hanging area to save space. Do not waste the hanging space by hanging sweaters and shirts. They can be neatly folded and kept in the top spaces.

Display your shoes

Shoe shelves are a great addition to your closet. Use the space above the shelves to store items, just like you store items in a drawer. Keep one shoe of a pair toe forward, and the other heel forward. This ideal arrangement allows you to select a pair of shoe depending on the shoe design, heel length, and shoe style in the least possible time. Have as many shelves as you can afford to accommodate all the regular footwear you own.

Display accessories

Rather than cluttering you closet space by overflowing drawers full of accessories, try displaying them. The back of the closet door can serve as a perfect place to display your accessories without consuming any of the precious space. Consider custom hangers like tie and belt organizers. Have a separate segment hung on the door to accommodate your jewelry, organized according to their colors. This way you always know where to look for, when you are searching for something to go with a particular outfit.

Room for everything

Have a specific place for everything you own in your closet. Look at everything critically and decide which things you really want, before renovating your closet. Use baskets or plastic containers to put things like toiletries which tend to be misplaced. Try considering a hallway closet for the bulky coats or seasonal clothes. Also move clothes that you rarely wear but do not want to discard into another closet to save space. Do not clutter your closet with saved souvenirs from last season. Find a utility closet to keep them safe.