BathroomIt is not uncommon to find soaps, bathing linens, bathtub toys, dental care items, medicines, and grooming accessories scattered around the bathroom with little regard to hygiene. Be it for an individual or a family, the bathroom is usually one of those spaces in a house where a lot of items are stored, though there is little space built for them. You can use the following tips to help keep your bathroom organized, clutter free, and sanitary.

Corner cabinet

Corner cabinets help keep your soaps, toothbrushes, grooming kits, medicines, and other toiletries from being cluttered around the bathroom sink and counter. These cabinets are readily available in a variety of styles and price-ranges, as well as sizes. You can buy unfinished units, or ready-to-use cabinets.

These become very useful when you do not have much floor space to spare for a larger, standing storage units. To install a wall-mounted corner cabinet, first locate an appropriate wall stud, then drill support fixtures onto it, and finally hang the cabinet from the fixtures. Depending on their size, you can also use them to store your spare towels, mopping rags, spare toilet paper rolls, and other miscellaneous items.


Do you find yourself placing your towels on the shower curtain rod? Do you hang your hand and face towels on a nail beside your bathroom sink? An easier solution is to install shaker pegs in your bathroom for this purpose. These are easy and inexpensive to install, minimally intrusive compared to towel rods, and give convenient access to your towels and change of clothes, as well as keeping them in a hygienic condition. A few pegs near your shower or bathtub can provide easy access to bath linens and clothes. A couple of pegs beside your sink can accommodate hand towels and other such items.


If you are on a tight budget to organize your bathroom, you can consider installing cheap metal shelves. You can also maximize storage space by using small plastic bowls and tubs to act as drawers in the shelves, and also to keep small items clustered together. You may need to do the assembly and installation yourself if you want to keep your expenses as low as possible.

Alternatively, you may be able to build shelves, into the space between adjacent wall studs of your bathroom. Though the space available for the shelves is determined by the thickness of the wall, you can usually make adequate space to at least store small items.

Ready-made units

If you aren’t the ‘do-it-yourself’ type, you can buy ready-made storage units in the price-range, dimensions, and style of your preference. Usually, these units are ready to use, right out of the box; however, some might need to be assembled for usage. Such storage units are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and builds incorporating different utilities. You can choose from a variety of materials and finishes according to your tastes and requirements. You can choose from different types of wood and wicker, to different metals, and plastic. You can find these as floor-bound furniture or wall-mounted units.