Downsizing - Next Exit RoadWe often find ourselves stuffing everything we own into our cupboards and drawers, most of which we do not use anymore, and buying more stuff as our needs evolve. But, we have to realize that we need to get rid of some of the stuff that hold no functional value in order to avoid clutter and avoid maintenance costs. Imagine how we can make our life better by moving old stuff out of our life, and making room for simpler and newer opportunities. We can use some creative strategies to reach such a solution.

One in, two out

This is the easiest way to downsize, and is very effective in the long run. It simply means that you will get rid of two items for every new item you bring into your home. It is quite a small effort, but it’s a daily one. Once you have achieved a balance in the amount of items you own, you can keep it going with a ‘one in, one out’ strategy.

Reverse party for your birthday

Throw a small party for you and your friends on a special occasion such as your birthday. Find all the items, which you hold on to because of a emotional connection, but do not hold any utility for you. Write out a tag describing its history and importance to you, and attach it to the item. Place them in your living room and have your friends come over. If they find an item they like, they can write down their names behind the tags. If only one person wants the item, it will be a simple giveaway. If two or more friends want the same item, they can ‘face-off’, and a vote will decide who takes the item home. You could also have a simple donation box in the corner, in case your friends don’t feel comfortable having something free of cost.

Pretend that you are moving

This creative idea suggests that you pull out all of your drawers and place their contents into a cardboard box. Then when you use an item, place it back into your drawer. After a month or so, you will realize that whatever is in these drawers is what you use and the rest can be donated or given away.

Give an expiry date and place it in a box

If you have identified things you have not used in quite a while, but you are reluctant to get rid of them because you think you might just need them, then place these items in boxes with expiry dates labeled on them. You can make it one month, six months, or whatever works. If you haven’t used those items by the expiry date, sell or donate them.

The Craigslist solution

Consider your project for downsizing as your personal store and create a store on Craigslist. Put all the items you have in your staging area. When buyers come over to your house, try to discuss a condition that will allow you to get rid of one more item that the buyer is looking to purchase, at a decent price while offering them a better deal.

Downsizing, not only sounds catchy, but is also something that will save you a lot of money and time, and make your life simpler.