The wrong way to clean and organize your laundry room

The wrong way to organize your laundry room

Laundry is all about cleaning clothes that you need to feel fresh for your day at home or work. It takes a significant amount of your time, and would be much easier if everything in the room is well-organized. You just need a few tools that can help in organizing the room and keeping it clean for you to breeze through the chore. Here are a few ideas that may help you with organizing your laundry room.

Wall-mount shelf organizers

Storage solutions like open shelves and closed shelves can help in storing essential tools for laundry like detergents, soaps, and fabric softeners. These shelves can be built over the washing machine and dryer in the tight spaces, thereby conserving the space. Any narrow space in the laundry room can be used for storing away laundry bags, and a large stock of detergents or fabric softeners that you would need in the future.

Laundry hampers for different purposes

You can save yourself the time of sorting through dirty clothes while doing your laundry if you directly sort them by tossing them into the hampers. Each hamper can be for a different purpose like washing whites or darks, and your family members would just have to toss their clothes into the right bin. Buy wheeled carts with detachable laundry bags. You can collect dirty clothes around the house, and toss them into the laundry room. You can also detach each bag and carry them to do laundry.

Lingerie bags for delicate wash

Delicate items like lingerie or socks always get lost, mixed, or damaged. Have separate mesh bags for everyone in the house to toss in their delicates. These bags can be directly washed in the machine to avoid tearing the fabric. You also need not sort through dirty clothes looking for the delicates while doing laundry since they are already in one place. Once you wash and dry the clothes in these lingerie bags, you can return them to each of your family members without the need for sorting through the garments and folding them up for each member.

Wall-mount ironing board

An ironing board that can be pulled down from the wall is a super space saver. All you need to do is flip it down when you need to use it and plug in the steam iron. These boards come with customized options like self-illumination, and even an in-built electric outlet to plug in the iron. It is a perfect storage solution and an essential tool for the laundry room.

Wall-mounted drying rack

Most apartments cannot afford to have line dry options, and thus you would have to buy drying racks and store it in the house. These not only consume space but give a bad appeal to the room too. Install wall-mount drying racks that can be pulled down in the laundry room when you need to dry your clothes. It can even hold hangers, and can be folded against the wall when it is not needed.