BathroomThe bathroom is essentially the place in your home which is most frequently used as well as shared with friends and family, like no other room in your house. It is also a place that can get dirty very quickly. Cluttered, and dirty. Combine this with moisture, heat, and steam, and you have a perfect storm for mess. Also, due to of the enclosed nature of this room, the effects of heat and moisture are very prominent, and managing the mess in a small bathroom presents great challenges. Mentioned below are few tips to help you manage your tiny bathroom space better.

Tall Cabinets or Shelves

Having tall, vertical, ceiling-high cabinets to store all the bathroom supplies saves a lot of ground space. Ensure optimum utilization of less accessible spaces to stock extra supplies. For example, the area under your bathroom sink or the corners can serve as great places to store toiletries. Do not forget to include open surfaces to allow for things like newspapers and reading glasses (because we all like to read while in there).

Reflecting Mirrors

Arrange few large and small mirrors on the wall preferably opposite the window to give an impression of an airy and open space. Having the mirrors opposite the window will best reflect light. Reflecting lights from the mirror can brighten an otherwise dull and tired bathroom.

Try Being Innovative

Rather than hiding your soap, razor, or shampoo in the wall cabinet, use nice boxes to store them. If you use well-designed boxes complementing the color theme of the room, you not only prevent clutter and save space, but also add an element of fashion to the bathroom decor. Stores such as Ikea carry nice wicker baskets, so they don’t need to be expensive to have charm.

Keep it Simple

Always remember to keep clutter away from your limited bathroom space by removing unnecessary things that you do not use everyday. Things you do use everyday should be kept on display or within reach. Other items like extra tissue paper, towels, and surplus supplies should be stored on the top shelves of the ceiling-high cabinet, or in a less visible storage spot such as a linen closet or basement.

The Hamper

In a small bathroom, the main concern is to avoid mess. With your clothes all around the floor, it is impossible to manage. A hamper or a laundry bag can fit into otherwise wasted spaces in your bathroom. Make a habit to tossing your dirty clothes into your hamper and keep the floor free of tripping hazards.

Hang Your Stuff Up

Avoid putting down your daily use items on the floor and try hanging them on the walls to increase available floor space. Invest in hooks, hangers, and shelves that can be easily affixed to the walls. Another innovative idea is to use magnetic paint on an area of the wall and store removable bins and small containers.

Choose a Vibrant Color

Finally, the simplest of ideas to give your bathroom the illusion of space is a vibrant color. Choose bright, vibrant colors which reflect a lot of light to make your bathroom look spacious. Try incorporating horizontal stripe patterns on the wall. Sleek lines give an illusion of space to the eye.