Modern house, living-roomYou are at your office having a mundane, routine day. Your co-worker walks up to you and invites you to his newly renovated house. You want to say no, but you reluctantly say yes. In the evening, you go to his place with plans to get out of there as soon as possible. With a smile on your face, you enter, and just like you expected, his place is perfect. You secretly hate him (OK, not really, but it sure would be nice to have a place like that).

His house gives a calm, cozy, at home feeling, with all accessories perfectly complementing the decor of the place. Daily useful items are neatly placed and the house seems like it is the best place to be in. Even the inanimate things have a life to them in this light. While admiring all that, you say to yourself, “I wish I had a house like this.”

Make the Most Out of Your Living Space

Well, with the following few tips, you will see that you can get that perfect living haven in the most inexpensive way possible. In order to decorate an average to small house and give the illusion of space, follow the few guidelines mentioned below.

Manage the Mess: In a small space, the last thing that you want is unwanted mess fighting for that precious space. Clear out these unnecessary things or at least hide them away. Rather than creating a clutter of things in the little space you have, keep well-labeled baskets to put all the specific things into. This way, it will create space and you will find things easily.

Choose the Color Palette Carefully: Choose colors from a nude-to-neutral palette. It makes the room feel bigger and reflects a lot of light which is a good thing in small places. Dark colors can give a snug feeling to a small house, but it definitely gives the illusion of a small, closed space.

Choose the Right Furniture: Large furniture with huge armrests is not a luxury at all. Moreover, they look ghastly, occupying most of the space. Choose chairs and tables with straight sides and slightly rounded edges to give the impression of more space.

Vertical Storage Spaces are Good: Ideally, built-in vertical shelves for books and accessories reaching up to the ceiling are real space savers. If built-in shelves are not available, then paint the tall-standing shelf in the same color as your wall. This gives the same illusion of space.

Larger Windows with Higher Curtains: Have large windows, preferably ceiling-high. If your windows are not high enough, hang the curtains higher to give a notion of more open space. This will give the idea of an overall larger room.

Accessorize with Mirrors: Mirrors can extend the horizon of your room spectacularly. Place then opposite to the windows to reflect light, and double the presence of light and space. Be careful in not reflecting clutter, which can make your room look smaller.

Plan for the Corners: Color the corners with a radiant color reflecting a lot of light. Also, light-up the place using overhead lighting or table lamps. Dark corners look depressing, which can be changed by using proper lighting.