clip-art-bob-the-builder-545908Many home-owners complain about not having enough space in their homes, but they never think of remodelling their basement, and thus waste a lot of useful space. Remodelling your basement can not only increase the living space in your home, but also add monetary value to your property. Also, the aesthetics of your home can be greatly enhanced if you have a beautifully remodelled basement. If you are already thinking about a basement renovation, then the ideas here may help you decide what kind of renovation you want; and if you haven’t given it a thought, these ideas may just convince you to remodel your basement.

Recreational Area

Basements generally have a large floor space, which is why they can serve as a recreational area. You can place pool tables or board games here if you plan to invite friends over. To enjoy time with family, you can keep craft supplies in the basement and pursue fun activities with your family in your leisure time. You can also keep comfortable furniture and a home theatre system in your basement, and relax there whenever you feel like. All this can make your basement the ideal place to hang out with family or friends. Just make sure that you have installed proper lighting for the place and that it is dry and looks welcoming.

Basement to Bedroom

Basements can also be converted to comfortable bedrooms once the usual damp and the lighting is fixed. First decide who is going to sleep in your basement. Will it be the guests or the teens in your house? Accordingly plan what kind of bed you need and the area required for it. Placing twin beds would require a larger area, whereas a double bed would require a little less. Though most people won’t place a single bed, if you think that is enough to serve your needs, then a much lesser area will suffice. Next think about the kind of supplies you need to keep for the people who will sleep there. It is always better to have an attached bathroom in a basement bedroom. But most building codes emphasize on having exits in basements bedrooms, through which one can escape outside directly, in case of an emergency.

Laundry Room

Having your basement as a laundry room is a clever idea, especially if you don’t have enough space for a laundry anywhere else in your house. You might think that carrying the clothes up and down the stairs may be inconvenient, but you can add a laundry chute to make things easier. Besides, since the basement has a large area, you can fit all the laundry equipment you want into it. The main thing that you need to take care about while building a basement laundry is the water drained from the washing machine and the vent for the dryer. Just take care to build a proper floor drain and vent the dryer through an exterior wall.

Extra Storage

Making a storage area out of your basement is probably what most people would do, and that certainly has its reasons. The large area of the basement is ideal for storing any kind of items from wine and canned food, to dry summer clothes. And it doesn’t just need to be one kind of item either. You can separate your basement into sections to accommodate different kinds of goods. You can stow away garden tools or things you don’t need for the time being, like photos and souvenirs. You can also store extra utensils or food items. Remember to keep your basement storage organized and you will never have trouble finding anything you need.