set of tools and toolboxYour house takes up the largest chunk of financial investment in your lifetime. You have planned and saved money for the perfect home for your family for many years. So, it is your responsibility to take care of your home and not let it crumble against the forces of nature. The first thing you should understand is that no one can possibly take care of your house the way you can. Having said that, it is also true that hiring a contractor every time a pipe leaks or a door creaks is going to take a jab at your pocket. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a few essential tools handy and learn little trade tricks for mending your house.

Must to Have Tools for Every Homemaker

No matter how excited or uninterested you are about the whole home mending project, it is a known fact that the work is definitely made easier and even enjoyable with the right kind of tools.

Essentials First

  • The first thing that you need is a toolbox, before you start assembling other tools for your home project. Buy a toolbox which is durable with lots of space and rubber seal to keep the tools moisture-free to help prevent rust. Also, if you have children at your home, buy a box with metal latches which can be locked when not in use. Choose the size of the box according to the number and size of tools that you intend to fit in it.
  • An important thing that toolbox should have is a measuring tape. Accuracy is everything, and it determines the success or failure of your project. Buy one which extends out fairly far before retreating. 10 to 13 feet is the standard length of a quality tape.
  • A good old fashioned hammer comes next. It is rather simple to choose. It should be made of metal, flat surfaced, preferably with a wooden handle, and able to smash. Once you have a hammer that meets these specifications, you are good to go. The insistence on wooden handle is because a metal-handled one will be very heavy and can give you elbow pain if not used in the proper way.
  • No one can work without a multipurpose utility knife. It is an absolute must-have. A knife with a broad, strong steel blade and a good hold is perfect. You can put the knife to multitude of uses.
  • Moving up to the heavy equipment section, a cordless drill is the next addition to be made in the toolbox. You can choose from a variety of brands with their own specifications. Specification that you should look for is a model with dual battery allowing you to work continuously without stopping to recharge. Also look for one with a hammer drilling function for faster progress in brick and concrete walls.
  • A multiple head screwdriver set is the cheapest and the most useful tool. You will need to use one almost every time you do a project.
  • Last but not the least, safety while you are working on a home renovating project should be the main concern. Don’t hesitate to spend a little extra cash on standard safety equipment like glasses, gloves, and ear protection.