Your Home and Condo:

Common Challenges:

  • No where to put stuff.
  • Not enough space.
  • Random accumulation of clutter.
  • Inadequate storage options.

These issues can, in turn, create stress and anxiety, make it frustrating to find things, and make tidying up a challenge. The solutions are to:

  • Get rid of household clutter to free up space.
  • Harness under used storage space to make room for the things that matter.
  • Designate a place for everything so that finding and restoring things is easy.
  • Create practical and functional storage solutions that are customized according to your needs.

Your Closet:

Common Challenges:

  • Out of control wardrobe clutter.
  • Shelf and rod organizers that are inadequate for your needs.
  • Insufficient storage area.

These issues can cause you to run out of closet space, leaving you without the room to store new purchases. You may have difficulty finding things when you need them and then putting them back in place when you are done. Here are our customized solutions:

  • Get rid of clothes, footware and accessories that you no longer wear to free up space.
  • Sort and categorize your belongings so that you can easily find the things you need.
  • Create a home for everything so that putting things back in place is easy.
  • Customize a closet organizing system to harness every inch of available space and make room for everything that’s important to you.

Your Unfinished Basement, Garage, and Storage Locker:

Common Challenges:

  • Random accumulation of miscellaneous stuff.
  • Lack of a storage plan.
  • Ineffective storage solutions.

Disorganization in these spaces makes it difficult to find and retrieve things when you need them. Indeed, you may even forget what is stored there. It can also create fire hazards, risk of injury, and cause damage to your belongings. Here are the solutions:

  • Get rid of things that you no longer need or want to make room for the things that matter.
  • Divide your belongings into categories and create storage zones for each category so that everything has a place.
  • Customize organizing systems so that you can easily locate and access things when you need them.
  • Store everything according to frequency of use to make putting things back in their place easy and convenient.