Once you are organized, it’s relatively easy to maintain your results. All you have to do is use the same tools and techniques that you used to get organized in the first place.

Here are eight tips for staying organized:

  1. Go Public. The best leverage is social leverage. Tell everyone you know that you’ve conquered your clutter once and for all. The respect and admiration that you receive will motivate you to maintain the status quo.
  2. Add Organizing to Your Cleanup Routine. When you do your weekly cleaning, take time to put things back in their place and to get rid of unwanted items.
  3. Recruit Your Family. Don’t try to do it alone. Make sure everyone knows what you are trying to accomplish and assign at least one ongoing maintenance task to each capable member.
  4. Focus on Your Trouble Spots. Identify the biggest source of clutter in your home. Target this problem area during your regular organizing and decluttering sessions.
  5. Put Things Back in Their Place Immediately After Use. This will make staying organized a cynch!
  6. Adopt a One in, One Out Policy. If you buy a new item, then discard, sell, or donate an equivalent item.
  7. Declutter Your Wardrobe After Every Season. Clothing, footware and accessories are among the biggest sources of household clutter. Every time the season changes, go through everything and get rid of belongings that are damaged, out of fashion, and that no longer fit.
  8. Change or Upgrade Organizing Systems as Required. As your family grows and your lifestyle changes, update your organizing system to fit your evolving needs.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to maintain your organizing results for as long as you wish, without having to rely on an Organizer Pro. Best of all, you’ll continue to enjoy all the many benefits of being organized.