Getting a headstart on your organizing project is easier and more beneficial than you might think. A little bit of action on your part can start the ball rolling towards bigger and better results later. You’ll feel empowered by small gains and motivated to do even more.

But be cautioned. The idea at this stage is to get your feet wet, not to get in over your head as you could easily become overwhelmed. Keep it simple and don’t overdo it.

Here are six quick fixes to get you started:

  1. Remove 5 large peices of clutter from your home. You can make a big difference in a short time by targeting large objects. Remove a broken lawn mower from your garage, an out of style heavy winter coat from your closet, and a rusty bicycle from your shed and you’ll make an immediate impact
  2. Spend 15 minutes putting things back in their place. Put books on the shelf, CDs in their cases, and shoes on the rack. You’ll be amazed at the difference that these small activities can make.
  3. Pick 5 belongings out of your closet for donation. Choose things in good condition that you no longer wear. Donate them todayT
  4. Throw out 10 food related items that are dated. Remove unwanted, spoiled, and expired food from your fridge and cupboard and put them in the trash.
  5. Declutter your bathroom cabinet. Get rid of things that you haven’t used in a year or longer and are unlikely to use again. Throw out expired medications and old cosmetics.
  6. Fill a garbage bag with unwanted stuff. Grab the pizza box in the garage, empty the bathroom waste bin, and throw out old newspapers. When the bag is full, you’re done.

These small actions will provide big results and help you to become empowered. By the time your home organizing expert arrives, you’ll feel energized and motivated to do even better.