Clutter in the basementThe basements in many households are considered a place to store things that do not have place in the main area of the house. So, the basements eventually become nothing more than a cluttered space, where things are dumped with little care. What escapes many people is that basements can also be converted to become a game room, an additional bedroom, an office-space, etc. With a bit of planning and organization, you can use the existing space effectively for storage as well as any other needs you may have. Mentioned below is how to convert your basement.

Preparing an inventory

The first step to cleaning up your basement is to take stock of what you have stored. This allows you to decide what possessions you want to keep and what you can dispose of. Go over them one by one, and keep what you need separate from what you want to throw away. You can also use the opportunity to appraise the value of the items in storage. This may help you decide what to keep and what to sell.

While doing this, take an estimate of the amount of basement space and resources (such as plumbing, electrical connections, and ventilation) you have at your disposal. Use this to plan the amount of work your basement needs, to become the space you want it to be. One you have made a list of things, you may want to consult your family to take decisions on what to do with them.

Getting rid of unwanted possessions

This may be the hard part for some people. Firstly, sort your collection into things that you want to keep, things that you want to donate, and things that should be thrown away. Once you have kept aside what you want, items that are still usable such as old toys, tools, books, clothes, electronic equipment, etc. can be donated to charity, sold online, or at a garage sale, or to a pawnshop. Objects that neither you nor anyone else can possibly use should be thrown away.

If you still have a cluttered basement even after you have sorted it this way, take a second look at your list of things to keep, and see if you can filter it down further. Unless you have a lot of storage space, you will have to weigh the space needed to store the possessions, against the provisions needed to turn your basement into the living space you desire.

Storing your possessions

Once you sort your possessions and dispose the items that you do not need, it is important to store what you have effectively. This will help you accomplish what you set out to do. Choose from the many storage solutions such as cabinets, shelves, pegboards, and bins to make the most of the available space according to your needs and tastes.

Effective storage of your possessions will allow you to convert the basement into a functional space for other your other needs, while still serving its original purpose as a storage space.