wordcloudAre you sick of your children making a mess of the living room with their toys? Do you bring your work home and realize that there is no space for you to concentrate? Do you want to practice your hobbies but do not find enough space to place all your equipment? If you have a basement in your house, you have all the space you need, and you can get all those things done down there. Revamp the space and you can make it the best part of your house. Separate it with walls and you won’t be limited to just one addition.

Get innovative

Bring down your big screen along with the sound systems and create a movie room in your house. Add in a bar coupled with barstools and a countertop, and you can bring your parties down without disturbing anyone. For more fun, you can throw in maybe a foosball table.

You can create your own wine cellar by creating shelves where you can store them. Add some hangers and drawers; you can hang up the coats and other stuff that you will not be using this season. You can even make space for a bedroom which your guests can use by adding in a fancy mirror with the other necessities. Building a spare bathroom there will save a lot of trouble running up and down.

Execute the plan

Clear out the clutter that you have collected in your basement. Inspect the space available and draw out a proper plan on how your basement should be redesigned. Though you can get the floors tiled, carpeting is preferable, as the floor tends to get a little too cold. Choose the lights according to the purpose of the room. Since basements are below the house, it is highly difficult to get natural light, especially if you want to use the room for study or as a sitting area. Adding in light pipes or a window, will be the only source through which you can get in some natural light into your converted basement. Call your electrician and plumber to get all the wiring and plumbing done on time.

Crucial things to remember

Whatever you plan to do with your basement, the most important thing is to waterproof it to ensure that it does not get damp. For this, you need to make sure your house has a proper outlet for water and it does not stay collected in a corner. Get your basement damp proofed by coating it with cement or covering it with plasterboard or timber floor. It is best to get humidifiers installed, and stick to paints which are water resistant. Basements also tend to get very cold so ensure that the best form of heating is installed to maintain a favorable temperature.

Converting a basement into a functional living space or an organized storing space is very simple. Measuring up all the additional space and benefits that it provides us, the money spent on redoing the basement is a very good investment. Depending on the area that you live in, remember to inform the local authority about the conversion.