The wrong way to clean and organize your laundry room

The wrong way to clean and organize your laundry room

Laundry rooms receive our least attention. It might be a stretch to think you’ll someday love doing laundry, but you can make the experience suck less!! We’ve all seen hundreds of room makeovers in advertisements and TV shows, but have you ever seen a laundry room displayed in ads and shows? Your answer is most probably ‘no’, which in itself is the evidence of my claim that laundry rooms remain the most neglected part of our house. A typical homeowner knows almost every fix that needs to be done in his house except the laundry room. This is surprising in view of the fact that an average American family has about 400 laundry loads every year. So, we have every reason to pay attention to the room that houses laundry.

Space management

Efficient space management can create a lot more space in your laundry room than you had ever imagined. Things get cluttered in a narrow but elongated laundry room. A washing machine that is stackable can solve the problem to a great extent. You may then create free space for things like closets, racks, cubbies, and counters. Two machines that are front loading can be ideally used where the ceiling has a standard height. They can be easily slid under counters. It is better if doors are hinged opposite to each other. It lets you easy access and wider opening.

Extra storage

If you can manage space well, you will notice that there’s more space and increased room for additional items like detergent and cleaning material. They need to be stored in the laundry room rather than anywhere else. But it would be better if they didn’t take space in the laundry room. This is possible if you notice space between the dryer and the washer. A slim roll out organizer can be adjusted here to store cleaning material such as a detergent. You can use the space above the washing machine, or use wire shelving on the wall. This can be used for storage while hang bars can be used to dry clothes so that clothes don’t wrinkle.

Brighten up the space

A bright and decently lit up room not only makes it possible to see clearly, but also makes the room cheerful, which every sensitive person can feel. Don’t go by the wattage. You may think all 100 watt lights are equally bright, but that is not the case. If you go by the EPA recommendation, bulb’s lumens can be more reliable than wattage for getting more brightness in your room. A laundry room certainly looks more attractive with improved lighting. Poor lighting on the other hand will not even let you see whether your clothes are cleaned or not.

Keep useful things easily accessible

Space can be used and organized in such a way that useful things are easily accessible. The wall space can be utilized to mount cabinets and open shelves so that detergents, soaps, clothes, sponges, and other sundry items can be kept there. Attractive binds can be used to cover open shelves. Or, alternatively, items can be rearranged in an attractive manner. The idea here is to make your laundry room attractive and elegant. For instance, fancy containers can be used to store detergents, brushes, and stain removers off their branded packs.