Small bathroomOften, renovations can be challenging and daunting. However, there are times when thoughtful planning can do wonders with the task of renovation. Applying some thought to the project will help you come up with ideas to renovate your bathroom without tearing down the walls. Here’s how you can expand the usable space of the bathroom and increase its size without damaging the walls or having to reconstruct them.


Mirrors are known to enhance space and give a visual impression that a room is larger. You can apply the same idea rather fruitfully in your bathroom. If you do it right, your tiny congested bathroom will no longer be claustrophobic, at least to those who can’t withstand congested space. You will of course not increase the actual size of your bathroom, but certainly make it look bigger provided you do it right. An oversized mirror may impact the overall aesthetics and over power the room so be careful not to overdo it. However, if mirrors are placed at strategic locations your bathroom will appear larger than it really is.


Excessive cabinets in your bathroom eat up a lot of space. In a tiny bathroom, they leave you with minimal room to move about. Consider tearing down the cabinets to make more space in your bathroom. Although this may make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, simplifying your needs in the bathroom along with a more spacious bathroom will make you feel mentally relaxed. Some of the cabinets that can be removed include the cabinet that stores towels and the one that stores medicine. These are small tradeoffs to make your bathroom space look larger and less cluttered.


If you decide to install a skylight in your bathroom, you will love the way space opens up to give you some breathing room. Additionally, if you are stimulated by the idea of gazing off into space while enjoying the warm water of a bath, a skylight can do wonders for you. Skylights are a source of natural light and you can almost make the space above you feel expansive. While soaking in your tub in the night, imagine the bliss that comes with watching infinite stars above you. You will feel the boundless heavenly space within the privacy of your tiny bathroom energizing your mind and body.

Shower door

In addition to the ideas mentioned above, consider placing a glass shower door in place of a shower curtain. You can see through it and get the feel of extra space beyond the shower. On the other hand an opaque shower curtain makes your bathroom appear tinier than it actually is. When looking for a glass shower door you have a number of fancy options to choose from. In addition to the feel and looks of extra space, when you replace shower curtains with glass doors you add to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.