modern-kitchen-cabinets-tidra4There are a large number of kitchen cabinets of different styles available today. You have a lot of choices where you can pair aesthetics with functionality. But when it comes to positioning those cabinets, the task might be a little tricky. The position of your cabinets can be a deciding factor for comfort of work, as well as the amount of electricity used in your kitchen, since the electrical appliances will have to be installed according to it. Also, if the cabinet is too high, then it will be very difficult for you to reach it conveniently. Consider the following while installing kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Sizes

The various types of cabinets come in different standard sizes. There are also standard heights at which the cabinets should be fixed. The standard for upper cabinets requires that they be placed at a height of 54 inches which leaves a gap of 18-19 inches from the base cabinets. The base cabinets are generally 36 inches high, including the countertop. However, you can bend these rules if you are quite tall, or very short, or disabled. You can have the upper cabinets at a height that suits your own. Also, some corner cabinets come with rotating shelves so that you don’t have to reach too far into the corners. You may want to install these if you have difficulty stooping or reaching into corners. Also remember to leave enough room in front of the cabinets – no less than 4 feet – so that the person who cooks has enough room to move about comfortably.

The Work Triangle

Movement is a key issue in the kitchen and should be made as comfortable as possible. The work triangle is a path connecting the refrigerator, the oven, and the sink. This is the characteristic walking pattern of a person cooking a meal. It is an important concept to keep in mind while positioning the cabinets. The length of this path should be kept to a minimum so that the cook doesn’t have to walk too much; it should be no longer than 26 feet in total. The cabinets should be positioned in such a way that there is enough room for this triangle, and the cabinets are easy to reach. Cabinets should be positioned such that the work triangle can be utilized better. Base cabinets should be placed such that food items from the oven or the refrigerator, and dirty dishes to be put near the sink, can be placed on them. There should be upper cabinets just above the sink to conveniently place clean dishes in.


Functionality in your kitchen is unquestionably the prime concern, but it would be even better to have a beautiful and stylish kitchen. Keeping all functionality issues in mind, focus on the aesthetics of your kitchen as well. Try to bring in symmetry in the way you arrange the different sized cabinets around the walls. A pantry-style cabinet placed beside your refrigerator can cover up the side adjoining your living space. A base cabinet with an attached bar for eating can prove to be very useful as an eating area, especially in a kitchen with limited floor space. Balancing functionality with style and design is the best way to achieve the finest aesthetics in your kitchen.