Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Organized Bathroom

A bathroom is a place you visit the most everyday, and one of the most important spaces in a house. There is a lot that you (ahem) do in the bathroom, so there are a lot of items that are found there cluttering the space. You probably feel that your bathroom looks smaller than it was when you first moved in. A clutter-free bathroom looks more spacious and gives a fresh feeling. Here are a few solutions that can make your bathroom look more spacious and reinstate the peace that you should feel when you are relaxing in a bubble bath.

Make use of existing storage space

Every bathroom comes with in-built storage spaces. You can use these spaces to your advantage and store appliances like blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, razors, towels, and other such items in these cupboards or cabinets.

De-clutter the medicine cabinet

This is one of the main clutter factors in all bathrooms. You forget to throw out expired medicines, empty bottles of lotion, cream, perfume, or nail polish. Each time you stock new bottles of bath and body care items, clean out the old items. In fact, keep only frequently used items in the medicine cabinet.

Install multipurpose shelves

Open shelves can be of great use for different purposes. You can store items by installing pegs on them to hang towels, and clothes. You can even get shelves that are attached to towel racks or rails and mount them on the walls. This could save you a lot of space.

Use spaces smartly

There is a lot of space beneath your bathroom sink, and above the toilet. You can use these spaces to construct cabinets or shelves for storage. Cleaning items can be stored under the bathroom sink, while extra items that you bought for future use can be stored in higher storage places like in a cabinet above the toilet.

Store in a basket

Dirty and wet clothes clutter up the bathroom floors just like the mess formed from misplaced brushes, toothpaste, and combs. Keep a basket in the bathroom to toss in dirty clothes, and another one to toss in wet clothes. To keep the area around the sink clean, you can have baskets to sort toothbrush, toothpaste, a glass for water, and beauty accessories. You can choose to store these baskets on shelves near the sink for easy access and arrange them according to their frequency of use.

Mix them up

You need different kinds of storage solutions for various purposes. Opt for shelves, cabinets, drawers, wall racks, and pegs to maximize storage area in bathrooms. Each storage solution has its own advantage and can fit into various areas of the bathroom. Vanity cabinets and wall mounts are best for saving space, and can make the bathroom look larger.

Put it back where it belongs

After you use all items in the bathroom like soap, shampoo, or hair spray, always replace them in their respective storage space to avoid clutter in the bathroom. This will help in keeping the area clean, fresh, and beautiful. A clean and clutter-free bathroom is hygienic and gives you a sense of relaxation.