BedroomThe bedroom is the most private space that one usually has access to. However, it is also the space where people spend the least proportion of their conscious time. These factors might indirectly contribute to what is titled “Bedroom clutter.” In simple terms, the bedroom gets cluttered when personal belongings are thrown and tossed around or dumped in the bedroom. People tend to turn a blind eye to such disorganization in their bedrooms and as a consequence, the bedroom can get cluttered with stuff dumped all over the place. The pile-up so caused can have profound adverse effects on sleep and may even lead to depression. Hence, it is absolutely important to identify clutter spots and organize the bedroom.

The nightstand

The nightstand sitting next to the bed can be quite handy at times. However, it should be understood that it is very susceptible to clutter. People usually tend to clutter the night stand with personal belongings, like books, glasses, and the like. The nightstand is usually placed very close to the bed. Clutter on the nightstand can lead to loss of sleep since it sits very close to the bed. It is therefore imperative that the nightstand be de-cluttered. It is advisable to clear the nightstand of books which might have been read. Also, products like lotions, and nail clippers should be removed from the nightstand. One should adopt the practice of using the nightstand to contain only those items which are absolutely necessary.

The closet

The closet is sometimes referred to as the “confluence of clutter.” This is because the closet holds the most commonly and frequently used things like clothes, jackets, bags, and shoes. The closet is meant to be an easily reachable reservoir with necessary belongings, like clothing, and accessories. However, amidst all the useful stuff there might be items like worn out shoes, ripped denims, and other such things. Emptying the closet of such belongings is important. One may donate clothing and other fashion accessories that don’t fit anymore. Possessions which are torn or tattered should be disposed of. In addition to reducing clutter, such a cleaning action can also make it easier for one to find his/her favorite and most used belongings.

Your bed

The bed can also prove to be a major source of clutter. The space under beds is particularly vulnerable to clutter. People usually dump seldom or unused items under their beds. So much so that people usually lose track of what they have dumped under their beds. The empty void under the bed can be utilized as an organized storage area. Trunks and boxes may be used to store useful items and these boxes can be put under the bed. This is an effective method of eliminating clutter under beds.

The furniture

A well organized and airy bedroom has been found to produce a calm and soothing effect on the occupant. However, most people fill their bedrooms with heavy and large sized furniture. It should be noted here that lesser the empty space in the bedroom, greater are the chances of increased clutter. Efforts should be made to identify furniture that is absolutely necessary. One should preferably move heavy furniture from the bedroom to a much wider space like the drawing room. Furniture can be a major source of conspicuous clutter and people should bear this in mind when buying furniture for the bedroom.