LaundryThe utility area or laundry room are one of the most heavily used areas of your home. This poor room or space is often neglected. But as much as you might dislike the laundry room, it is an integral part of your home and you need to keep it tidy. A tidy space will make the whole mundane chore of washing clothes more enjoyable (ok, enjoyable might be a stretch, but a clean well organized space can sure make the chore go faster). Use vibrant colours and include some self-made artwork to give a personal touch to the space. Here are a few tips to achieve an efficient and stylish laundry room.

Optimize Storage Space

Small and stylish looking cabinets which do not block light or take up too much space are a must in your laundry room. Neat and compact cabinetry can change the look of the room. Overhead cabinets can save a lot of floor space and can be used to store extra products which are currently not in use. Painting them an interesting colour is a good way to lighten the mood of the room. This is a room that’s not typically seen by your guests. It’s a work-room after all, so choose a colour that you personally find pleasing — even if it’s the worst hot pink, or a colour you’d never consider for regular rooms. Pick a colour that makes you smile. Design multipurpose zones which can be used for folding or ironing clothes. Spaces between the washer and the dryer can be efficiently used by inserting a slim multi-layered shelf for holding detergent, and other necessary items.

Experiment with Design

If you don’t want to paint, interesting wallpapers instantly catch your eye and adds life to the space. You can choose vintage, playful, or royal themes if you prefer. You can mix and match the colors too, just do not get too carried away. If your laundry room is visible from other rooms, you might need to co-ordinate colours with the rest of your space, but if not, go crazy! Curtains that hide the utility area from the hallway can give a very elegant look. Compact solutions such as a foldable drying rack, stacked appliances, and hangers for the laundry are advisable for small laundry rooms. Consider a chalkboard to write down the chores of other family members. It can be a fun way in which your family communicates.

Install Sorting Bins

It is the simplest and the most brilliant idea to avoid clutter in your laundry room. If you have a single laundry basket, sorting colors from whites while washing is bound to cause a mess. To avoid this, hang labeled bags above the washing area. This way you can save a lot of floor space and easily sort clothes on a daily basis.

Avoid Clutter

Do not scatter small items on the washing table or on the floor. Use baskets, bins, and bags neatly tucked away from sight to accommodate useful things that do not find space in the cabinet or in the wall hangings. Carefully label them for your own convenience.