LaundryMany people despise laundry day, as it can be a very messy affair to clean their mess. Sorting your washables into appropriate piles, before and after the wash, is the most time consuming and stressful part of the work. Organizing your laundry room can lessen the related workload and stress, and do much to get rid of your dislike for washing clothes. You can make use of these tips to tidy up your laundry room, and also make doing the laundry less seem like of a chore.

Labeling for bins

Everyone, one time or another, has put their dark and light colored clothes together for a wash, and have watched their previously white clothes come out of the washing machine stained with streaks of ungainly color. It can often be a source of irritation to segregate your laundry into dark and light colored clothes, and wash them separately. If it bothers you, you can buy two bins for keeping dark and light clothes separate, label them accordingly, and address the problem at the root by having your family sort their clothes into the respective bins. Additionally, you can keep another bin for washing delicate clothes separately. You do not want a piece of frill to be torn off your top, after being snagged by the buckle of your trousers, in the washing machine.


It is all too common to run into your kids or spouse complaining of a missing sock or other small items of clothing. They may claim that some of their clothes were found in another’s closet after the last wash. Post-wash sorting can be much easier if you make each person in the family in charge of sorting and folding their own clothes. You can further ease the process by assigning individual baskets or tubs for every family member.

Stain chart

Your kid might come home from school with his clothes stained by chocolate, juice, mud, and perhaps even blood. A holiday dinner can turn your tablecloth, napkins and carpet into works of modern art with different stains. After a short vacation, you might often wonder how your clothes got so stained, when you try to wash them. In such situations, stain charts help you identify different stains, and get rid of them. Keep a stain chart handy as you sit in the laundry room and try to figure out how to get a particular stain off a certain type of fabric.

Piggy bank

You don’t want your washing machine to stop spinning because a coin or hairpin was stuck between the tub and the rotor. Neither do you want a family member turning the house upside down searching for their roll of bills, only to find soggy money come out of the washing machine. Make it a point to for yourself and your family members to empty the pockets before putting in the clothes for wash. Keep a piggy bank in your laundry room as a reminder of this. It might sound silly, but simply adding a coin-jar or piggy bank in eye-sight, will stand as a visual reminder to empty pockets. Dropping the money from the pockets into the piggy bank will also prevent your money from being misplaced in the laundry room.