When a family member passes away, you are left with the responsibility of liquidating large amounts of household items that the individual owned. You may be confused about whom to give what. Even though the individual may have written a will, small personal belongings and items still need to be given away in a respectful manner. One good way of doing this is by hiring professional estate clearing services.

How estate clearing services help

After a loved one has passed away, you may be left with many items that need to be given to the proper beneficiaries. Professionals from estate clearing services will help you in organizing these items and giving them away to their respective recipients. The following are the services offered by an estate clearing professional.

  • Listing all possessions of the deceased and recording the disbursement to enable you to give them to the respective beneficiaries.
  • Organize the possessions from each room of the house and assist you in deciding what to sell, donate, give away to friends or family, and what to dispose.
  • Arrange and pack the items for shipping or storage.
  • Help in overseeing sale process of real estate, and selecting reputable sale specialists.
  • Prepare the house for sale by renovating the home to enhance its visual appeal, or coordinating with real estate agents to get the best price for the house.
Benefits of hiring estate clearing services

Professional estate clearing services determine the value of the items left by the deceased person and recommend a proper price based on the market value of the product. Professionals from estate clearing services may come with a price sheet for average household items, a camera, and reference books for evaluating any antiques left by the deceased individual.

Eliminating clutter and organizing items

Many estate clearing services will also assume the responsibility of handling additional duties like house cleaning. Service professionals may go through each room of the house and organize the items which belonged to the deceased individual. It can help you remove a lot of clutter from the house that may not be necessary anymore. For instance, an office room of the deceased individual containing various files and office items, which are no longer of any use to the family members can be cleared away by estate clearing services until you determine how to liquidate them. It may give you a lot of space that could be used for holding a service for the individual.

Holding item sales

A good estate clearing service will help you give away the items faster. The service will be completely involved in every aspect of the liquidation process, and will make it easier for you to decide what items go where, and to whom. If you are presenting the items on sale, a reputable clearing service will be able to get you more buyers and a better price for your items. The service will ask for your opinion and recommendations throughout the process, and will discuss rates for items that need to be sold.