containers for homeOrganizing is often a simple procedure of pausing, getting a birds-eye view, and then planning so that you don’t miss out on something important. The best tricks to organizing your home are those that are quick and simple, and will allow you to save a lot of time while reducing chaos in your home and creating peace of mind.

The family calendar

Get a family calendar and hang it in a part of the house where everyone in the family can see it. List out the activities of each member on the calendar, examine it every morning, and update the calendar around dinnertime. This gives all the family members prior notice and saves time to prepare for their responsibilities.

Regular organizing actions

Daily routines and creating designated areas for items can propel you rapidly into creating order inside your house, and can also help you save time.

Prioritizing tasks

Prioritize your work and list around five tasks you need to complete, make it a point to include one that is an individual need, like talking to a friend or taking a walk. This will work as a self-esteem booster, will improve your mood, and will eliminate unproductive busy time.

Eliminate clutter due to paper

Eliminate your paper clutter by buying a notebook and writing down your messages, lists, and other small information bits into one book. Writing all your information in one place means you will not lose it. It will save the time that you waste looking for it.

Take some time out

Take around 10 uninterrupted minutes everyday to organize and plan your day by making clear decisions. This seemingly unnecessary ritual will save you a lot of time that you’d generally spend wondering about these issues.

Attach a grocery list onto your fridge

Putting up an empty list on the refrigerator, and having your family fill it in when they notice something that needs to be replaced, can help reduce confusion about what needs to be bought, and this will save you both time and money. This means that you will have an almost complete grocery list, tailored to make you aware of what is required, to eliminate unnecessary purchases.

Create a habit of putting away your clothes

Make it a habit to put your clothes away as it takes you only seconds to put your dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, or place clothes into a drawer or closet. This same task can take hours if you have to pick up your clothes, sort them, and put them away. Model the habit to your family and encourage them to do so until it becomes an automatic procedure for the family.

Organize your finances

A critical part of living an organized and successful life is ensuring money management. Make a point of placing all your bills in one single place and organize them to create a clutter free environment physically and in your mind. Set up some reminders in red, on your calendar or computer, to remind you to pay your bills on time. Late fees waste time and money, and cause unnecessary friction and guilt.

Organizing helps create time, space, and money to enjoy your life and is also a feel-good activity. Planning rewards for yourself to celebrate your success and enjoy your newfound free time will motivate you to work more efficiently, and save even more time.