Downsizing-your-homeFamilies living in a house are faced with the challenge of downsizing for various reasons, including relocation, bereavement, or kids beginning to raise their own families. The task of downsizing can be fairly daunting especially because things accumulated over decades have to be rearranged, packed, and some have to be discarded. However, once the task is successfully accomplished you experience a great sense of relief, space, freedom, and internal energy. You are ready to lead an altogether new life. You have now more time and energy to devote to things you love.

Keep only useful things

What you want to keep or discard is entirely up to you but don’t forget to keep something really precious that you can’t live without. Brainstorm yourself on what should be kept and decide whether the thing you are keeping is useful to you. Do you need to retain everything? Does your house have enough space to store it? However, if something has a great sentimental or emotional value for you, it must be retained. If something is beautiful and rare you must keep it too. However, if you have no reason to keep something, then you have every reason to discard it.

Sentimental Items

When it comes to sentimental stuff it may be difficult to discard and have sentiment have no logic why you want to hold onto the item. What is of sentimental importance to you is as good as rubbish for others, yet if sentimentality is attached to a belonging, it must be valued. You may decide to take a snap shot of something you like and let the actual piece go. For example, the antique piece of furniture you love may not fit into your new surrounding. It may completely mar the aesthetics of your drawing room. Additionally, no one other than you wants to keep it. If that is the case, why not take its snap shot and donate the stuff to a good cause.

Things that could be borrowed or rented

You could be cluttering your space with things that you hardly use. It takes a lot of space. Suppose there are enough chairs to seat your family and few guests why clutter your room with over a dozen extra chairs. Do you need that big dining table to seat over 10 persons, when you are just three members? You clearly don’t need them. Moreover, they can be rented or borrowed when their sudden need arises. So you can make your space more elegant and beautiful by creating space that is needlessly blocked.

Limit items based on space available

You need to be really selective about what you need to keep in the limited space you have. Additionally, you will also need to apportion how much space you are willing to give to any item. You can’t have books everywhere and not have memorabilia, trophies, or awards. Space needs to be given to books, toys, gift items, memorabilia, and every other item in the proportion they deserve. In other words, you will need to plan and allocate the space in proportion to what it deserves. Additionally, the bookshelves and bins should not appear over stuffed and packed to the hilt. By following these few tips your personal space will look clean and elegant, and will help you when you are downsizing your home.