Bedroom with comfortable bedWhen you return from a long day’s work, the most welcoming thing, probably, is a nice, clean, and organized bedroom, where you can just drop off to sleep. But we all know too well what happens in our hurry to leave for work in the morning. We’re all guilty of leaving clutter behind, especially when we’re in a rush. Let’s see how to have an organized bedroom easily.

Create More Space

If you’re magical, you can conjure up a bigger house. If, on the other hand, you’re a mere mortal, you generally find your drawers to be a little too full of clothes. You should consider installing dressers in your bedroom rather than those side tables you have. This will make room for your extra clothes and leave your floor space free. If you have a bad habit of just stowing everything under your bed, then you might consider under-the-bed baskets where you can arrange them nicely. You can put unused bedclothes in them, or your purse, or even your exercise kit when you don’t need it. These baskets also have wheels so you can easily roll them in or out whenever you need.

Smart Furniture to Reduce Clutter

So your bedroom is too cluttered and you need to tidy up a bit. Consider using a tall book shelf as your headboard. This way, you will be able to reach your favourite books easily, if you read before bed. If done right, it can give a nice modern touch to your bedroom. You might also consider those closets with racks and hangers in them. You don’t need much effort in arranging your clothes into these. They easily reduce the clutter of clothes in your bedroom. Remember, the more you use the vertical space in your room, the less cluttered the floor is.

Hidden Storage for Extras

Suppose you need a side table but its drawer is not enough to hold all the stuff you need it to hold, then a wicker trunk is a good choice. It will have ample space to hold all the items you need – even blankets – and can serve as a side table too. You can also store more in your old drawers by dividing up their inner space. Randomly throwing everything you can into a drawer reduces its storage space. Dividing it into sections will keep it more organized so that you can store more. Both standard drawer dividers and creative ones can be helpful.

Other Furniture

The more you increase the surface area of your room, the more number of items you can store. If you really need a bedside table, go for those with shelves instead of the usual ones. If your bedroom has odd dimensions, choose furniture that will properly fit in those angles – kinda like Tetris, but without things dropping to the ground, but here, you are trying to arrange your furniture in a way that frees up most space. If you don’t have enough space for any new furniture, arranging messy belongings in a neat and creative fashion can also add to the décor of your room.

Organizing a bedroom might not be so difficult after all. Just let your creative juices flow, and it might be a fun thing to do. Just remember to use more vertical space, add more surface area wherever you can, and if you think you might need more storage space in the future, don’t hesitate to buy another shelf or dresser.