Storage PileWhat do you do with all the storage space that your garage gives access to? Most of you tend to dump everything that you feel you might need at some later point in life. That could include many things, like the gardening kit your grandmother gave you last Christmas. But you might not even remember owning one. If this is a problem that you are facing, you could use some of the tips mentioned below to clear your garage and make it a useful place.

Clear up your garage

The first thing that needs to be done on priority is to figure out what all you have dumped in your garage. Make an inventory and discard all the things that you don’t need. You can even have a garage sale and you can use the money you collect from it in your “project garage.”

Ideas for a garage makeover

Once you have got the area cleared, you can use that space for more organized storage unlike before. You can put detachable or movable shelves and cabinets where you can systematically arrange your sprinkler, work boots, tools, water hose, and such. If your laundry room is spoiling the kitchen’s view, you can move it right here and also use it to store all your pots and pans which are rarely used.

You can afford to be a little selfish here and even create that hang out space for you and your friends with a bar. Throw in a countertop along with bar stools and a dart board and your weekends at home cannot get any better. Keep enough space to store your children’s bike and your car too.

In case you don’t need space for your car, you can use the space for other things. You can create your personal gym for the daily dose of exercise, or you could turn it into a private work space with your computer, printers, etc. Making it sound proof and building a recreational space for your family with the home theatre, X-box, billiards, or table tennis will be a great addition to the house. Instead of worrying where your son went off, you can bring his band practice right at home. If you or any other member of your family is interested in painting, this will be a great studio for them. With houses falling short of space all the time, you can even use up that additional space to build a bedroom for your child or you could let it out to a tenant.

Add-ons to creativity

Whether you decide to convert your garage into an extra bedroom or a recreational room, you can add to it by replacing the door. Raise the flooring above the street level and choose tiles or carpeting to fit the space. As garages don’t come with so many windows, you can add in a few more windows, and fresh house plants for a lighter feel. Garages tend to be the hottest or the coldest place depending on the weather, so be sure to add in the necessary electrical appliances. Glam up the space with interesting lightings and you could not have done it any better.