Fireman Gear in a LockerStorage lockers keep your things safe and organized in one place. They serve many purposes and are available in different types to be used for different items. They are an excellent all-purpose storage unit that can be used to store just about anything. They are also available in different shapes, such that they can perfectly fit into the desired space in your home, office, or elsewhere. Not only are lockers a common sight in schools and gyms, they seem to be used in many other places as well.

The different types

There are the standard lockers that come with 1 door and can go up to 6 doors. The 1 door locker usually comes fitted with a locker shelf, 2 coat hooks, and a latch lock. 1 door lockers also have extra options like sloping tops, post box slots, and extra shelves. These could be opted for based on your requirement. There also many colour options for you you to choose from.

Certain 5 door standard lockers also come with the additional feature of a bench seating. These are preferred by a lot of people as they provide the comfort and benefit of providing space to sort things in the locker when you are loaded with many things.

There are gun cabinets specially built for the safety of those weapons. These cabinets are made from strong steel, and breaking into them is not very easy. They also come with a combination lock option, which is not very easy to open. Gun cabinets are ideal for storing antique guns too. Generous sized shelves can accommodate guns of different shapes and sizes.

There are workwear lockers that serve as an ideal storage option for tools, equipments, uniforms, and other such work wear. These are suitable in workplaces that require their staff to store their uniforms and tools for everyday use. The different compartments provided in these lockers make it ideal for storing various things.

School lockers are among the most popular storage lockers for its varied use. These lockers are used by students to store school-related items mostly. The same can also be used for storing clothes, footwear, umbrellas, and lunch. Plastic lockers are most often used for school lockers. This makes it easy for identification of things and easy to handle as well. They occupy a small space but provide ample storage options.

Then there are heavy duty lockers that are dedicated for storage of tough materials. The locker comes with extra sturdiness and also has a strong double lock system. The doors of these lockers are made of solid laminate. Despite the robust look, they come in attractive colors and designs for the aesthetic appeal.

Storage lockers can be used to store hazardous substances as well. There are specially designed lockers for this. With a multitude of uses, storage lockers are flexible and highly functional. Once installed, they are easy to use and handle, apart from being long lasting as well.