photo credit: Ikea

photo credit: Ikea

A room has two kinds of space – floors and walls. The floor space is often used, and gets too crowded giving the room a cluttered feel. The wall space that is rarely used effectively has the ability of saving floor space and making the room appear bigger while offering a lot more storage space. Here are a few ideas on using walls for extra space in bedrooms.

Use wall studs effectively

Wall studs are solid wooden beams that are behind dry wall. They are equally distanced from each other by 16 inches. The area between these wall studs can be used to build niche cabinets, shelves, and other structures for storage. This is because, wall studs are quite strong and save space that will be consumed if you prefer to install a cupboard or table using the room space. You can even build study tables, computer tables, cupboards, lockers, and lot more storage structures within these spaces.

Install floating shelves

Floating shelves are most effective in holding items like books, lamps, baskets with accessories, pictures, trophies, writing instruments, and many other paraphernalia. You can design floating shelves in any shape according to your needs. If you are a bookworm, you can have fun with floating shelf designs to hold all your books around the room.

Closets in wall studs

Depending on how big a closet you need, you can design your own closet in the space between wall studs. The closet door again is a space that can be used to build a dressing table as you envision it. You could otherwise install mirrors on your closet and add storage space for your vanities inside the closet to save more space.

Mount electronics on the walls

TVs, music systems, game consoles, and speakers can be mounted on the walls. You can buy a mounting unit with swivel function to help in mounting flat screen televisions on walls. Music systems, speakers, and other such systems can also be wall-mounted with or without shelves.

Use the windows

You can build creative shelves on the sides and top of the windows to store many items including those that are seasonally used, and collectibles that you love to display in your room. You can also use this space to store large items, candles, hats, bags, or any other fancy things.

Choose multipurpose furniture

This is the most popular way of increasing space in rooms. Multipurpose furniture can not only save space but is also a smart way to add an innovative and aesthetic look to a room. You can install wall-mountable beds that can act as niche cabinets. Using the space between the wall studs, you can create a good closed cabinet that can be flipped down to serve as a bed. This is an effective way of conserving space in a small bedroom.

Lights on the walls

You can install decorative lamps, reading and night lamps, on the walls suiting all your purposes for bedtime reading or studying. Desktop lamps, and other such items clutter the bedroom space while little and attractive wall-mounted lamps add an aesthetic appeal to the room.