ikea-kitchen-shelvesThe kitchen is a very important part of any living quarters, owing to the fact that it is here that food is prepared. Given the different sort of utensils and the umpteen varieties of food ingredients that are stored in the kitchen, this space can get dotted with various products, placed in a disorganized style all over the kitchen. Wall mountings can prove to be a viable solution to the problem of clutter. Wall-mounted racks and shelves maybe filled with kitchen-ware and food ingredients. Using such wall mountings helps usher in a greater level of organization in the kitchen, and ensures that the kitchen space is not occupied by disorganized articles.

Shelf rack

A shelf rack can go a long way in reducing the levels of clutter within the kitchen. Most commonly used utensils like large serving plates, and medium sized cooking vessels maybe placed on the shelf rack. It is advisable to place the shelf rack over the wash basin or at least close to it. This is important so that commonly used utensils may be washed and placed in an easily reachable containment structure. The shelf rack can be used to store a few commonly used ingredients and appliances. Being reachable and compact, the shelf rack contributes immensely towards achieving reduced clutter in the kitchen.

Vegetable sacks

Conventional methods of storing vegetables involve the use of large baskets or boxes. Most people prefer to store fruits and vegetables within the confines of the refrigerator. However, cooking can be simplified if commonly used vegetables, like turnips, and potatoes can be stored in a place from where they can be easily retrieved. Vegetable sacks help to solve this problem. These sacks can be hanged at places which can be easily reached. Commonly used vegetables may be stored within these sacks and retrieved when needed. Such sacks are offered in various colors, and can also double up as stylish elements that add color to the kitchen. Being washable, these sacks can effectively replace conventional storage mediums like boxes and baskets.

Spice racks

Giving the wife a surprise by cooking a surprise meal on her birthday is one of the best gifts a husband can give. However, the most common problem faced in such situations is the inability to locate various ingredients which may be stored in maze-like and unmarked shelves. The most commonly sought ingredients are spices. Therefore, it is advisable to use spice racks to store all spices. Using a spice rack, one can store all spices on a common rack and prevent the problem of not being able to locate ingredients. With all spices kept in one location, cooking that surprise meal for your wife will no longer be a hassle.

Magnetic shelves

Knives and spice jars slipping off shelves can be a major cause of concern. Ingredient jars have a knack for slipping off from racks and shelves, thus creating a mess. Also, knives slipping off from racks pose a serious risk of injury. Such concerns may be addressed using magnetic shelves. As the name suggests, these shelves are designed to contain metal containers and metal cutlery, like knives. With the use of such magnetic shelves, one can eliminate the problem of accidental falls of ingredient jars. With the advent of magnetic shelves, one can truly make these items “immovable property”.