Home Staging is the process of preparing your home to be sold so that it will sell faster and for more potential return on your investment!

First impressions are crucial! Buyers usually make up their minds about whether they are interested in a home within the first few minutes of entering it.

Every Home Needs Staging

Your home is filled with your personal touches. Whether you love your home just the way it is or you know it could use some improvement, all homes can benefit from staging before they are put on the market. How you decorate your home to live in and how you decorate it to sell are very different.

When you make the decision to sell your home, so begins the process of detaching yourself from it. Your home is now a commodity to be sold and it must appeal to a broad audience of potential buyers. Homebuyers are typically looking for bright, spacious, clean homes with great flow. The decorating choices you make for your home may suit your taste and lifestyle, but they may not necessarily suit those of potential buyers and may not show off your home’s best attributes. Many buyers have difficulty seeing the potential in a home if it is cluttered and has outdated décor.

We offer staging solutions that will depersonalize your space without leaving it feeling sterile. The process involves editing, organizing and re-arranging, and then injecting those special touches that will appeal to the senses and help buyers develop an emotional connection with the home.

Staging Vacant Homes

Vacant or empty homes need staging to help them look bigger and create a feeling of warmth. When a room is empty, there is nothing to provide a sense of scale. It’s hard for most people to visualize what furniture will fit into the space and also what the placement of that furniture should be. Staging solves that problem for potential buyers and can help eliminate any uncertainty. It allows buyers see the home’s true potential.  We will coordinate furniture rentals and bring in the accessories that will make the once cold and empty space feel like a cozy and inviting home.